The reporter learns from the official website of the people's bank of China, in order to further facilitate foreign institutional investment, and meet the requirement of high level open, in conjunction with the state administration of foreign exchange of the people's bank of China formulated the "about further facilitate foreign institutional investors to investment in the inter-bank bond market related matters notice, allowing the same foreign body under the QFII/RQFII and direct market channels of bond trading not transfer, money can directly transfer between accounts, at the same time, the same foreign body through the channels to market just for the record.

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In order to thoroughly implement the decisions and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on expanding opening-up and forming a new pattern of all-round opening-up, the People's Bank of China and the safe have steadily promoted the orderly opening of the inter-bank bond market in recent years.

Currently, foreign institutional investors can invest in China's inter-bank bond market through a variety of channels, including qualified foreign institutional investors (QFII), RMB qualified foreign institutional investors (RQFII), direct access to the market and bond connect.

In September, the People's Bank of China and the foreign exchange administration issued a notice announcing their decision to remove restrictions on investment quotas for qualified foreign institutional investors (QFII) and renminbi qualified foreign institutional investors (RQFII). In addition, when the quota limit for qualified foreign investors is abolished, the restriction on RQFII pilot countries and regions is also abolished. The policy principle of foreign institutional investors investing in inter-bank market through different channels basically converges.

The reform measures have further improved the convenience of foreign institutional investors to invest in the market, helped open up China's financial market wider and deeper, and promoted the internationalization of the renminbi, the circular said. Going forward, the People's Bank of China and the safe will continue to study and introduce new management measures in accordance with the requirements of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, so as to achieve a high level of opening-up of the financial market.